New World Season 4

New World has dropped season 4 (a day late due to issues) but its finally here.

With it comes a new expedition, a new questline, and new artefacts. 

The Glacial Tarn Expedition Location

The New Expedition “The Glacial Tarn” can be found in the Great Cleave, pictured below. 

Cache of Gold-n-Matter

You can also get 250 Dark Matter and 1500 Gold once a week by crafting a “Cache of Gold-n-Matter” once a week. It cost 20 Gypsum Orbs but with Dark Matter being such a grind to get, it’s worth doing in my opinion. 

Quality of Life Updates

You now have the option to salvage more then one item at a time! This QOL update has been long over due and it makes storage management not so tedious anymore.