New World ARMORED SCORPION Build – Heavy Armor Spear SnS
by Nyce Gaming – Channel link here:

New World Heavy Armor Build featuring the spear artefact Scorpion’s Sting paired with sword and shield. This build features a way to pull your opponents to you from a distance to help against runners and light rollers. Our access to accelerated resolve healing and speed helps this as well as our keen speed one handed sword. The keen speed 20% haste stacks with our 20% haste from the sword and shield tree (gameplay examples shown).



(In order) Bleed sweep, elemental aversion, max health, freedom, enchanted ward, refreshing, thrust/flame conditioning. (I’d try to get 2-3 freedom perks on body in a perfect world)

Armor Artefact:

Unyielding or Freedom. Add max health perk as your gypsum upgrade.
Weapon Artefact:

Add plagued Crits or keenly jagged.

User preference, but I’m starting to lean towards keenly jagged for the ult/heart rune generation. Then maybe opt for a plagued crits 1 handed sword.

Skill/Rotation: After a scorpion sting pull your best combo is to bar swap into shield bash then flank for a bleed sweep; or vault kick into bleed sweep depending on the amount of freedom your opponent has.

The safest combo and the one I do 9/10 is javelin into vault kick into bleed sweep. Try to dodge before any spear ability if possible. It’s ok to do just 2 light attacks after the scorpion pull sometimes especially depending on your current cooldowns. You cannot typically bleed sweep an opponent after scorpion pull. It’s very tricky timing. After your gap closer on your sword bar, assuming you have empowering leaping strike you should spam light attacks for increased damage and a potential rend.

Try to be predictive with accelerated resolve and anticipate incoming damage. Using it above 50% health is best. You will see examples of a full health bar reset with accelerated resolve into mending form courtesy of healing heart.

Attributes 200-200-200