How to Play WildStar in 2024

So even though WildStar closed it’s doors back in 2018, discarded to the dead MMO pile, banished by NCSoft, the story doesn’t end their for this title.

Thanks to some determined fans and talented programmers you can still partially play WildStar today.

Slight disclaimer though, it’s still a work in progress and missing quite a lot of features, but if you have never experience WildStar before or just feeling nostalgic, follow the guide below to get playing today!

Getting Started 

So what do you need to get started… well you will need a PC, with internet and a copy of WildStar.

Technically you could go out and buy a copy if you haven’t got one already or you can get it from such sites as this one HERE

You will also need to have the latestVisual Studio 2022 with .Net6 and C# 9.0.

A lot of this is standard with Windows 10/11

Once you have it installed, you will then need to install the private server client….

Server Setup

There’s a few different servers to choose from and depending on which one you choose may require a slightly different setup.


Typically a lot of people will install the NexusForever server. You can find the link here:

This is one of the most in-depth guides complete with a discord and a great community of people willing to help.

OMECHRON – (The Server I joined) 

“Omechron welcomes nostalgic gamers, creative spirits, and RP-aficionados alike. The server pairs progress in the NexusForever project with additions to character customization, housing, mobility, shape changing, and then some. Everyone is free to unleash their creativity, host events and RP campaigns, or simply lurk and enjoy the beauty of good, old WildStar Online. Dreaming, building, and playing to one’s heart’s content is highly encouraged, be it based on WildStar or something completely different. There is room for all.”

You can find more about it on their discord here:

Genesis Prime



No combat or questing, but an active roleplay community with regular weekly events.

Which ever Server you choose, remember to respect the rules and have a great time!