Star Citizen 2024

Star Citizen and me 

In 2023 I decided to give Star Citizen ago, but sadly I joined at the worst patch ever and could only manage to see a small portion of it… 

So in 2024, I returned to see if the game was running any better and what there was to do…

…and I have to say, I was not disappointed. 

Getting Started

One of the key things to note about Star Citizen is that it’s still in Alpha after quite a few years and more importantly, it’s not a free Alpha, you need to pay to gain access. 

You can “pledge” a minimum of $40 which will get you a ship and full access to the game.

There is a in game cash shop which allows you to buy bigger and better ships for a lot more money, but honesty most of these can be earned with in game currency. 

About Star Citizen

So what is Star Citizen about I hear you asking? Well that’s a good question…

You can play solo or with friends, but honestly it’s a lot more fun with a group of people especially when you are doing more end game tasks. 

Essentially it’s a sandbox MMO, which means you go and create your own fun.

There are contracts you can pick up which are related to different professions, e.g. courier jobs, bounty hunting and salvaging missions. Depending on what ship you have will make these jobs a lot more easier and allow you to do harder jobs for more money. It’s worth noting that these jobs can be shared with your friends, so you can put a crew together and split the reward. 

You can also PVP pretty much anywhere that isn’t protected by guards, similar to a lot of other open world sandbox games. This adds a social element to the game but also gives a bigger risk vs reward feel with certain missions. 

There are no skill points or stats to min max, instead you invest your wealth into better guns, armour and space ships. When you die, you drop all items on you, apart from your credits.

There are enemy NPC’s you can also fight, be that in space or in ground combat.

There is also a buzzing economy, so player trading is another dynamic to take into consideration.  

Given the age of the alpha and the constant flow of money via the cash shop, questions have been asked about its legitimacy. In particular the kick-starter promised a single player campaign called Squadron 42, which even had Gary Oldman had a voice acting role in. 

Unlike most Kick-starter projects, this one is playable even if it is a bit buggy at times. So if this was a scam, it’s quite frankly the worst one in the world… 

But anyway, if you want to know more, check out my review below and feel free to leave a comment with any of your own input.