How to Install Skyrim Together

Welcome to my guide on how to get Skyrim Together Reborn Installed

Things you will need:

  •  A Copy of Skyrim Special Edition 1.6
  • A PC
  • Friends

Known Issues:

  • The Address Library for SKSE Plugins Mod will need to be installed first before you can download Skyrim Together Reborn
  • The Xbox Game Pass version on PC doesn’t work.
  • Graphic enhancing MODS don’t always synch up, especially character customisation MODS and can leave people looking bald or naked.
  • Needs to be 1.6 and above. It DOES work with AE however, functionality works best between SE and other SE players. For instance, players will seem to slide instead of run and certain AE mobs wont spawn for SE players meaning they cant help in fights.
  • Game Saves might appear as corrupt after a downgrade… DO NOT PANIC… its literally a issue with the version, so if you update Skyrim you can play your original saves.


  • It’s always best to start on a fresh character
  • Try and match your MODs to your friends
  • Save often, not just quick saves but hard saves.
  • It is best to keep it as Vanilla as possible and slowly introduce Mods.


Useful Links: 


Skyrim Together Reborn official wiki: Reborn Wiki Here

Skyrim Down-grader: NEXUSMODS

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Address Library Download: Add Lib