Everything we Know about Fable 4

Fable – Everything we Know? 

Like many of you, I am completely desperate for some more information on Fable 4 and what this game has in store for us. 

I’ve already done two whole videos based around the speculation and trailer breakdowns and this is everything we know so far… 

Who is Developing Fable 4? 

Microsoft has entrusted PlayGround Games to deliver on this highly anticipated title. They are mainly known for their racing series Forza Motorsport, which means this will be the first RPG they would have produced.

Despite this, they have made some incredible hires including developers who once previously worked on GTA V, Borderland 2 and 3, The Division, Mass Effect and Cyberpunk 2077. 

Its speculated that development on Fable first began in 2017 due to some twitter detective skills. 

When is Fable 4 set?

Based on nothing but the trailers, it seems to be set at a time when Albion wasn’t so industrialised and more of a fairy tale era. This has led to speculation that although its the 4th in the series, it could in fact be set before even the first Fable, hence the name of just “Fable” instead of what its widely referred to as: Fable 4.

When will Fable 4 Release? 

7 years and 2 trailers… with that progress its hard to say. The official website hasn’t even been updated in the same amount of time!

The only official timeline we have, is that it will release before Elder Scrolls 6. 


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