Skyrim Together Server Install

Welcome to my guide on how to setup a Skyrim Together serer.

Make sure to browse to the bottom for troubleshooting steps! 

Skyrim Together Reborn Server Install Instructions

Things you will need: 

  • A Copy of Skyrim Special Edition 1.6
  • A PC
  • Skyrim Together Reborn Previously Installed
  • Friends

Useful Links 


Skyrim Together Reborn official wiki: Reborn Wiki Here

Skyrim Down-grader: NEXUSMODS

Skyrim Together Wiki Reborn Wiki

Address Library Download Add Lib

Install Steps

– Open Steam and right click Skyrim Special Edition, go to manage>Browse local files

– From the Skyrim Special edition Folder navigate to “Skyrim Special Edition\Data\SkyrimTogetherReborn” (If you don’t have the “SkyrimTogetherReborn” folder Please go back and follow the Skyrim Together Reborn MOD install steps here.

​- If you would like to set custom server settings navigate to the “config” folder Skyrim Special Edition\Data\SkyrimTogetherReborn\config and open the file STServer.cfg (make sure to save any changes you make before closing the config file.

-After you have saved your config file navigate back to “Skyrim Special Edition\Data\SkyrimTogetherReborn” and double click on “SkyrimtogetherServer.exe

– This should open what looks like a console, make note of the port number at the top default is 10578

– Open a browser window and navigate to, if this doesn’t work try and if this STILL doesn’t work you will need to open a command prompt and type “ipconfig /all” and look for  “Default Gateway”

– Login to your router (Username and password is sometimes on the back of the router)

– Find Advanced options and look for “Port Forwarding”

– From the port forwarding page enter the ip address of the machine that will be hosting the server and the port number we noted earlier when we launched the server. For protocol select TCP/UDP

– Click apply and logout of your router

– Launch Skyrim Together using the nexus mod manager *instructions in Skyrim together MOD install guide”

– Once you’re in game press the F2 key on your keyboard, this should bring up the server connection panel.

Click Connect!

– In the address panel type one of the following

 – If you are connecting to s server that is hosting on the SAME computer as you are connecting from use “localhost”

– If you are connecting to a server in the same house but NOT on the same computer type the ip address of the computer hosting the server (to find this info open a command prompt on the server computer and type “ipconfig” and look for ipv4 address.

– If a friend who is OUTSIDE your home network is connecting to your Skyrim together server you need to give them your “Public IP” to obtain your public IP simply go to google and type “What is my IP” in the search box. This will return your public IP address.


My friend is in the same house as me but can’t connect to the server on my computer what do i do?

Make sure they are using the internal IP address if the computer hosting the server, also delete the port forwarding you setup earlier on this router this may allow them to connect.

Nothing happens when I’m in game and push the F2 key

Make sure you have the Skyrim together reborn MOD correctly installed and are launching it from the vortex mod manager. relaunching the game is often also needed.

Game crashes when i connect to a server.

Often this has to do with an issue on the game save you are trying to play with. Try and start with a fresh character with no other mods EXCEPT the ones needed to run Skyrim together reborn.

What do I do if I have a modem AND a router on my home network?

This makes things a bit complicated but it is possible to still make it work, what you will need to do in this case is forward the port FROM your externally facing modem to your internal WIFI router and then on the internal wifi router you will need to forward the port to the pc that is hosting the server.