Should You Play Len’s Island in 2024?

Len’s Island Review 2024

Len’s Island is a Survival RPG, which was initially developed by one person in their bedroom, but is now developed by a small indie team (Flow Studio). 

It’s currently in early access, with the full release going live July 2024.

It combines survival, crafting, questing and an ARPG style combat. You can spend your time making your dream home or you can chad it up and delve into the deep dark depths of Len’s Island. Either way, this game is appealing to many audiences. 

Personally I spent 10 hours straight playing this game on day 1 and I’m currently surpassed 30 hours. Bare in mind I have a full time job and a YouTube channel to run! 

Honestly, this game is super addicting and something different from the usual tripe that is published. 

So if you are still wondering if it’s worth playing in 2024, check out my video essay below.