Fallout Multiplayer Mods

How To Play Fallout With Friends?

In this guide, I want to go through some MODS that allow you to play Fallout with friends. This includes, Fallout 2, Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas and Fallout 4. 

So if you are bored of Fallout 76 and looking for an alternative way to be social in the Fallout universe, check out some of the mods below! 

Fallout Online Reload (Fallout 2)

Link: https://www.fonline-reloaded.net/

This mods takes the original vision of having Fallout 2 be multiplayer and makes it a reality. This classic RPG can now be played with friends and it’s very easy to install. 

The MOD consists of one exe file and doesnt require a lot of resources. Pretty much any potato PC can run this also. 

So if you want a hit of nostalgia, but with other people, check out this MOD!

Fallout 3 Multiplayer TTW (Tale of Two Wastelands) 

Link: https://taleoftwowastelands.com/

This mod allows you to play Fallout 3 either Co-Op or on a public Server. 

Sadly I wasn’t able to get this MOD to work on my machine, but that could be due to my smooth brain or human error. There are people who do have it working, so give it a go! 

In my opinion, Fallout 3 was the best Fallout and could only get better with friends! 

Fallout New Vegas Multi Player  

Link: https://nv-mp.com/

People will argue that Fallout New Vegas is one of the best Fallout’s to ever release and honestly I haven’t even played all the way through yet, so it’s a hard call. HOWEVER, I will say that the New Vegas MP MOD, is by far my favourite on this list. I even paid for VIP access to the MOD… I know.. I need help. 

The instructions to install are fairly straight forward, pro tip though, you DO HAVE TO join their discord to get the MOD to work. Otherwise it will keep disconnecting. I’m an idiot and this took me a good 10 minutes to figure out. 

Anyway, this MOD truly gives a MMO experience to Fallout and is 100% worth checking out!

Fallout Together (Fallout 4)

Link: https://wiki.tiltedphoques.com/tilted-online

The Together team has once again produced what people thought was the impossible… and that is a way to play Fallout 4 with friends. The Together Team are well known for their Skyrim Together MOD as well as HogWarp, which allows you to play Hogwarts Legacy with friends. 

This MOD is still in development and might not be completed for quite some time, however you can still technically play it. So maybe, if you are patient enough, give it a go. It could be a nice alternative to Fallout 76.