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29th January 2024

City of Heroes in 2024

Check out the story of City Of Heroes and how you can play it in 2024


7th January 2024

Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria

LOTR: Return to Moria Tis a survival RPG, which released in October 2023. Players will join forces to survive, craft, build and explore the iconic, sprawling mines.


5th December 2023

Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 is an award-winning online roleplaying game with fast-paced action combat, deep character customization, and no subscription fee required.


18th November 2023


Grounded is a 4 player Survival/RPG which was released back in 2022. But the question remains, is it worth playing in 2023?  

5th November 2023

Star Wars Battlefront 2

Check out my latest review for Star Wars Battlefront 2 and if it’s worth playing in 2023 and the years beyond?

27th October 2023

New World

Check out my latest review for New World and if its worth playing in 2023 and beyond…