Welcome to my 2023 guide on how to install TES3 MP Mod. 

Please be sure to watch the accompanying video and if you have any questions, please reach out on discord or the comment section of the video. 

Things you will need: 

  •  A Copy of Morrowind (Game Pass or Steam version are fine)
  •  A PC
  •  Friends

Useful Links: 

Ports to Open: 

Its quite common for certain multiplayer games to require ports to be opened.  For TES3MP you will need to open port 25560 to 25565, see example to the right. 

To access your firewall, you will need to log onto to your router. To do this, you just need to open your web browser, and type in your local IP4 Address. 

You can get this by going to Start and running CMD. This will bring up a black screen. In here, just type ‘ipconfig‘ which will display all your local network settings.

Once on your router, find the section that says firewall and choose port forwarding. 

Note: Routers are configured differently, so there is no one universal guide. Reach out to your ISP for more details if you get stuck.