So I decided to play Grounded in 2023..

The Basics

Grounded is a Survival/RPG from the same developers who brought us Fallout New Vegas and Outer Worlds. Obsidian Studios released Grounded in early access, back in 2020 and then full access in 2022. 

It’s available on PC & Xbox, and is up to 4 players, however you can play solo.

The premises of the game is that you play as 1 of 4 teens who have been mysteriously shrunk and wake up in a garden. Just imaging honey I shrunk the kids if it was a game. 

Although on paper it might seem like its aimed for a younger audience believe me when i say this game plays more like a survival horror than Minecraft. 

To be successful in this game you are going to need to do an equal amount of base building and exploring in order to level up. Yes its a survival game but there are more elements that lean towards a RPG. You have the ability to level up your characters stats and will need to unlock areas by progressing the main story line. It is however easy to wonder of and go on your own adventures. 

I’ve played a variety of survival games this year with my most favourite being Valheim. That being said though, I have about 30 hours in Grounded now and it is fast becoming a close 2nd. 

But anyway, I’ve talked to much, how about you just watch my review and get the whole picture.