Modding / Private Server Guides


More Info…

Typically I review games but from time to time I like to write and make guides for some of the titles i enjoy playing in my down time. I’m also slightly obsessed with multiplayer Mods for games that are typically meant for solo play. I mean, who doesn’t want to play solo games with friends? 

Going forward I might try to include some more guides as appose to just constantly reviewing games, as I like to give back to the community… by telling them everything they are doing wrong.

In all seriousness I do find modding guides to be super useful because sometimes they can be overly complex when trying to explain how to install said mod and not everyone is as tech savvy as the people writing these codes.  

I’m always looking to add more content to my site, so if you are a budding content creator or just trying to make yourself useful, feel free to reach out to me to get your guides hosted on my site 🙂 

You can find me on Twitter / Discord / or on YouTube.

Thanks to anyone who actually read this, feel free to feedback if you find anything wrong with the guides.