New World Controller Setup

The 2024 Roadmap for New World announced that controller support is coming some time this year… but why wait? 

Like most console plebs, when I switched over to PC I didn’t want to give up on my Xbox Controller. I can use mouse and Keyboard, but I find the controller to be more ergonomic and less achy on my hands. 

Luckily New World is quite simple in terms of key binds, you don’t have to worry about 20 buffs being active at one time and because of that I was able to map out a straight forward controller setup. 

You can find it under “New World sawmanUK Setup 2023” under the Steam “Browse Community Layouts.” 

You can do all the essentials with this setup, however think of it like a hybrid setup. You will still be better off using the Mouse and Keyboard when navigating gear and menu’s but from a gameplay perspective, it does everything a MnK player can do. 

So here’s a quick breakdown of how I have set it up.

  • Right Trigger – Basic Attack  / Fire 
  • Left Trigger – Block / Aim 
  • Left Bumper / Right Bumper / X Button – Ability 1 , 2 & 3 
  • A Button – Jump 
  • B Button – Dodge 
  • Y Button – Switch Weapons 
  • D Pad Up – one tap is slot 1 of consumables , two taps is slot two of the consumables and a long press is slot 3 of your consumables 
  • D Pad Right – one tap is slot 4 of your consumables 
  • D Pad Down – One press is your Heartrune 
  • D Pad Left – One press is your interact button , double press to sheath weapons 
  • Right Thumbstick – One press Crouch – Hold for Prone 
  • Left Thumbstick – Auto Run 
  • Screen shot button (Only available on newer model Xbox controllers – Call Mount 

Obviously everyone has their own preferences and feel free to fully customise this setup, but it should give you an idea as to how easy it is to setup. I mean after all, if Amazon games studios are finally doing their own controller support, it goes to show how easy it must be! 

Anyway, I hope this guide helps you and feel free to reach out to me on discord if you have any issues.