Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 Review 

So i finally did it. I played Guild Wars 2!

As promised, I sunk over 20 hours into this title (currently up to 40) in order to give my honest opinion.

Guild Wars 2 first launched in 2012 and for a game of its age, it still seems to be a popular MMORPG. I made a fresh character, even though I already had a level 20 toon from previous attempts at playing the game, and went and explored the world of Tyria.

I did get to try the PVP and a couple of dungeons, which were the more exciting aspects of this title and I also made another character which i fast tracked to level 80 so i could explore some of the end game. 

Overall I enjoyed my time, but I wont be making this my main MMO anytime soon. Obviously if you want to know more, feel free to click on the video below.