How to Play Phantasy Star Online in 2024

Phantasy Star Online 

Phantasy Star Online, or PSO for short, was the first Console MMO ever released. 

It debuted on the Dreamcast back in 2000 and saw a lot of success over the years and was even released on Xbox and Gamecube.  

However, that was over 20 years ago and the original servers were shutdown due to the release of newer consoles and a drop in population. 

But when has that stopped anyone from setting up a private server to keep an old MMO going? 

How To Play PSO in 2024? 

So how is it possible to play PSO today you might be wondering? 

Well it’s thanks to sites like that allow this to be a possibility. 

Technically it’s a private server for an Emulator version of PSO, called Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst. 

There are a number of different Private servers you can play on, but for me, Ephinea was the easiest to setup and launch. When i say easy, I mean you downloaded one file that’s advertised at the top and away you go.

If you want to try a different server, just literally google search PSOBB

Launching PSO

One thing that cropped up during the install and launch of PSOBB was that it flagged as a potential harmful file.

Now, I’ve had a few years experience with this sort of stuff and it’s usually down to your Anti Virus being a bit over protective. Disabling your anti virus during install and launch of the game should get past most errors. You can add it to your exception list, but my anti virus is stupid and doesnt do this correctly.

Just be sure to turn it back on before your next late night browsing the web session. 


As I said in my video, I am using an Xbox control pad, I’m sure the PlayStation one works fine too, but I did have to do some tweaking. 

Also side note, to activate keyboard for typing, it’s SPACE BAR

I’ll leave a picture below of my setup, but in essence here is what i changed…

Switched X and B and made it so B was the Cancel Button, you don’t need to remap just change “Cancel” and “Detail

Made LB “Next Page / Action Palette Change

You might also want to change the Analogue stick sensitivity which can be done in the menu prior to loading the game. 

Obviously you can use keyboard and mouse and even set hot keys with Ctrl+ any number, but I’m sure most people want the nostalgia of clunky controls. 

Anyway, hopefully this guide serves you well! 

Feel free to watch my video essay below…