Black Desert Online And How I Became It’s Most Hated Player!

My Black Desert Online First Impressions…

In my on going search to find a decent MMORPG, I decided to try out the ever so popular Black Desert Online….What could go wrong…

So it begins…

I managed to get a copy of BDO pretty cheap on a steam sale, I think it cost me a whole $3 which should of been the first sign something was wrong. Any MMORPG selling for less than a big mac, is likely to be monetized to frick… 

My PC specs were more than enough for the game and what it asked, so i happily downloaded this Waifu simulator and started my play through… 

Getting Started 

I decided to stream my first play through as i find its a lot easier when you have 40 people yelling at you, then playing solo. My first hurdle was trying to get the game to display correctly. For some reason, having a LED display slightly wider then your typical CTR monitor, was enough to get a varying amount issues when trying to capture the game. 

Eventually it was bodged enough that i could stream it, but oh boy, it was a lot harder than it should of been… that’s what she said. 

I would then go on to play for 20+ hours (bear in mind its a first impression) put my thoughts into video and release the below. Pretty straight forward right? 

(Click pic for video) 

The Aftermath 

Apparently the content scene for BDO is drier then a nuns fanny, because my video was talk of the town. Mainly because someone reacted within 12 hours and claimed i had only played the game for 10 minutes.

Now why did he say I only played for 10 minutes… because i sarcastically replied to someone and said so…

With this came a number of other reacts, players telling me to Keep Myself Safe, with the usual people complaining because they called me regarded and upon me defending myself, it’s seen as very unprofessional… Content creators aren’t allowed to clap back apparently. 

Queue my 2nd BDO Video (Click pic for Video…) 

The Aftermath after the Aftermath 

Well my 2nd video didn’t get as many views as the first. I had people still telling me to keep myself safe and of course, the content creator who started all the drama, took his video down and didn’t apologize in public but in DM’s… Coward. My original BDO video also died on views because everyone had leached the reacts. 

BUTTT I did manage to raise $281 for charity through the non monetized fund raiser on my 2nd video. So little victories I guess. 

My thoughts on Black Desert Online? 

I couldn’t possibly say, i only played for 10 minutes.